We work with 99.9% of insurance companies

Fort Collins Collision Repair, Inc., works with 99.9% of insurance companies. We will give you, the customer, an independent quote based on industry standards. It’s up to you to choose the facility you would like to have repair your car, as it is illegal for insurance companies to tell you where you have to get your car repaired. In addition, it is your right to have your car restored to pre-accident condition, and we will handle all facets of billing and working with your insurance company to insure that your car is properly repaired.

Insurance companies will typically try to steer you to their “preferred” and “certified” shops. These shops are usually willing to compromise the quality of your repair in order to be in the insurances company’s DRP (Direct Repair Program). We do not have any DRP agreements, because we will not compromise the quality of our work and our sole objective is to please you by getting the insurance company to pay for a proper repair. Ultimately, We Work for You, Not your insurance company. We will however work WITH your insurance company to provide the safest and best repair possible to restore your car to pre-accident condition.

How Some Insurance Companies Compromise Quality in Favor of Their Own Profit Margin

Like all industries that work with insurance companies to meet customer needs, the collision repair industry has gotten quite a wake-up call in recent years. Consider this excerpt from Body Shop Business, a popular body shop trade journal. The article was written by a body shop owner:

“I recently ended my direct-repair relationships with two major insurance companies, each of which brought me gross sales of more than $1 million per year. You heard me right. That’s $2 million annually I gave up. Why? Because I could no longer afford to work for them…. A contract needs to be beneficial to both parties. Our current DRPs aren’t. They are one-sided, in favor of the insurance companies… We need to work with insurers that want quality and are easy to work with, ones that allow us to maintain a reasonable profit margin…”

From Busy But Broke by Lee Amaradio Jr.,
Body Shop Business

Our Approach and Our Advice

Fortunately, neither the customer nor the repair facility has to put up with substandard repairs and abuse from insurance companies. We will work with 99.9% of insurance companies and represent your right to a proper repair. Our advice to customers: Get an independent estimate, and let your insurance company know that you expect a complete and proper repair that brings your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. We are happy to help you through the process!

Example of Insurance Gap

Today we are working on a 2010 Dodge Charger. The insurance company wrote an estimate for $845. After taking the car apart, we determined there was an additional $2059 on damage. Do you think the insurance companies repair shop would find that much damage or try to keep it as low as possible to keep their relationship going with the insurance company? These supplements are not uncommon, several large insurance companies estimates are easily doubled once we get them in the shop and take them apart. They do pay to properly fix your car, so that your car is brought to pre-loss condition. We are considered a lawyer for your cars rights.

***Notice the yellow marks. This marks repairs that the insurance company did not include in their initial estimate.